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Newbie trying to get Mangos Zero up and running! (Help Needed)


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I am really green to this. I have some experience with the old MangosD, but that was a couple years ago and I haven't since touched it. I have been trying to get the new Mangos Zero Server up and running for my kiddo and I but I will be honest I am not too sure where to start. 

I am thinking I am missing some necessary programs to get it all up and running. Even if you could point me to an existing guide that would be greatly appreciated. I very much appreciate the work and energy you all put into this. Thanks in advance.

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Hey there Noxxion!

MaNGOS (as far as I can see) hasn't changed much in terms of the way it works. You still need to know your way around SQL for the database and MAP/MMAP/VMAP file extractions. (Which are all as simple as blinking your eyes, so to speak)

Installation Guides - can be found here:

In addition, you can also refer to my post on Jerry's topic, on which they asked how to build up a MaNGOS One server (TBC v2.4.3), here:

Principle of setting up the server will be the same for most cores, assuming you work on Linux, that is.

In the event you want it running on Windows, here's your go-to guide:

Should you come across any issues, don't fret to ask!


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