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Mangobot Bot-Window Disappeared?


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Have only been using this server software for two days. It took me that long to figure out there was a /bot command that opens a separate bot command window which has the much needed *pull* command function. Problem is, it vanished mid-fight in my last dungeon and I cannot figure out how to get it back. 

The primary Mangobot window tends to work sporadically for me, but it will usually appear after cycling through party members. But the Bot Roster window seems lost. Kind of like what happens when Recount spasms off-screen and you need to reset position in the options. 

I'd say the Bot roster is still operational as I get roster feedback in the chat once the command is executed. But with no user interface I can't use the Pull/attack commands, nor can I log in other characters from my account. 

I'll try disabling/re-enabling the addon, but it would be nice to know of any commands that can be used to restore the window to default position.

Thanks for any assistance. 

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