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Authentification failed after logging in - works x1 if delete config.wtf file from client



Have a MangosZero server (Rel 22)- was working just fine first log in on each computer. There was an attempt to log on via wine on a computer running a version of Linux. It did log on and work. Since that log on attempt no accounts have been able to log in. Then attempting to log in it connects and then immediately says "disconnected from server" on the client side.

This is the output on the server side if I make a new account: I noticed the "invalid client OS" part.

WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: client 5875, unk2 0, account TEST, clientseed 186305447
WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: (s,v) check s: 0 v: 0
WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: Client attempted to log in using invalid client OS ().


Any subsequent attempt to log in give this on server side:

WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: client 5875, unk2 0, account TEST, clientseed 3422477143
WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: (s,v) check s: 87CD3F580C595053AE62CED29CBBB042293E7D23834AE81AD9C3CE52CC6321A1 v: 2F1078FDF5B0FE618FD2FA9B5D4320CF4C46C214AF20A048248EF14EF577F2BB
WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: Sent Auth Response (authentification failed).


Could not find anything else like this in the forums. Server is running on Linux Ubuntu 20.04, Clients are on Windows 10/11. Connecting via LAN - Realmlist under realmd is configured with own local LAN IP

Does anyone know how to fix this without starting from scratch? (also would like to know in case it comes up again)


First Edit*** Alright, looks like I was going in the wrong direction here. If I delete the config.wtf file from the client it lets me log in once... then have to delete every time to log back in. 

Any ideas? - I will also re-search the forums for this one

Second Edit - Just in case since something was up with the client since I had been using same client copied over and over for some time. Did a fresh install with new patched 1.12.1 client, and same. Guess I will try fresh resinstall of server using Emsroth's Installing MaNGOS on Ubuntu Server 18.04 guide


Third Edit - Fresh format of server computer (ubuntu 20.04) and followed Emsroth's guide as above. No errors and install was successful. Also did fresh install of client 1.12.1 on a windows 11 computer.  Same issue as above - first log in works, 2nd and subsequent have "disconnected from server" on client side and above type error on server side.

I narrowed it down on the config.wtf file, it's the "SET realmName  Zero" line... if I delete only that line it allows me to log on... once. I did change the realm name to "Zero" in the realmlist table of the realmd database. 

Strange work around I have found is if I delete this line from config.wtf and then mark the file as "read only" I can log in (makes me select a server every time). If I go back to title screen it goes back to same error, if I exit client completely and restart then lets me log in, and choose the server...

This seems wrong - is there a better way?

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