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Unclear on Mining Rates



Hi all! I've recently set up a MaNGOS server and everything's going well, but I'm having some trouble understanding the relationship between some of the config options for mining rates, specifically Rate.Mining.Lower, Rate.Mining.Rare, and Rate.Mining.Autopooling (yes, Autopooling.Mining.Enable was on). I did a bit of testing last night by changing these values, restarting the server, and flying around for a bit, but I couldn't ever nail down exactly how these options were interacting. The only things I could tell for sure were that when the Rare rate was super high, basically every node was its rare version, and that no matter what I did I always had an enormous number of active nodes - like multiple times what you'd see on a retail server. I did consider that maybe nodes that were generated in previous tests weren't being flushed out on reboot (in which case, how would one go about clearing those? 😬).

Thanks for any help you can give, and thanks for all your work on this project over the years!

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