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Working Spells Table Obsolete?

Guest trxx

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I think working talents/spells are most important for gaming, so I had a look at the working spells table in trac:


...and began testing.

So i found out that Warrior: Overpower, Warrior: Booming Voice, Mage: Improved Aracane Missiles

work (Only highest ranks tested).

Is this table up-tp-date? The warrior page was updated in december, so you could get the idea.

Perhaps we should make a new table (in a wiki open to public?) or update this one as working spells are crucial for the game.

What do you think?

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Why doesn't a dev remove the table? I think it should be updated or removed, because in the current state it only scares away potential users.

Edit: The best solution might simply be flagging it out-of-date!

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