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I need some info about mangos

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I know how to extract 'em.

What are they used for?..

As I know Vmaps are used for height calculation and Line of Sight algorithm,

dbc stores data about some graphical information, lanscapes, items, spells and others text info,

but I am just a beginner so I need to know am I right, and where are these things stored?


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mtmaps was designed as multi threaded maps, to bring better performance.

dbc is used as general source of information for whole alot of things along with db.




are the src files for these (Offcourse they probably are spread as tiny bits amongst other files..

maps itself are used for exploring, water / land detector.. etc

Hopefully someone can explain these more codewise.

one branch of mtmaps


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LOS aka line of sight is used as calculation whetever you can cast the spell or not.

Like in arena theres all these pillars etc which you can use as los cover, so mage can't just stand in 1 place and keep hammering you with hes spells throught everything.

Thats pretty much whats vmaps, LOS and heigh calculation.

With only maps you dont have any kind of los or so.

you could call vmaps as fully implented, but they can be improved alot since now they have pretty bad performance.

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