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How do I control these bots?



So, after playing on a vanilla 1.12.1 private server called SoloCraft for a while, I decided to run my own server.  This is primarily because the default XP on SoloCraft is 3x, and I just want to play a server with 1x, ideally one where I can be a GM.  Setting up a mangos vanilla server was easy.  However, I really wanted party bots.

Finding out which bots SoloCraft is using was basically impossible for me (if you know where I can download his bots let me know), but I did find some other repack with bots, called SPP_Classics_V2.  I believe this was the link I got it from: https://github.com/celguar/spp-classics-cmangos/releases

I ran everything, created an account, logged in, and I do seem to have bots.  They are very cool, better perhaps, but different than what I was used to.  With SoloCraft, you just put in a command like "add dps" and a fully geared bot your level appears in your party right beside you.  Here, I seem to have to pick a bot from the dozens of existing random bots which are playing the game, invite one to my group, and manually summon him to me, then tell him what to do.  The app that came with the repack, MangosBot, has a little panel of commands built in for the bots (screenshot attached), but not all the buttons seem to work (such as attack my target, for example).  Also, I can't log them out, it tells me "[bot name] is not your bot".  It's just confusing, without having a proper tutorial.

I'd love to figure out how to do these things:

  1. If I can get a masterlist of commands to control these bots, that'd be great.  I'd like to create macros for them to stay, come, attack my target, etc.  I can't find this list anywhere.  I will say, to pull up the bot control panel (which is somewhat limited), I type /bot.  So it seems to be based on the /bot command, not the .bot command.  I could be wrong.
  2. I'd like to be able to create my own bots, choose their class, have them be my level and be well geared.  This level 7 paladin next to me has level 1 equipment and wasn't even wearing boots, I had to use GM commands for him to get properly equipped.  I feel like this should just be automatic.

Overall, I do believe these bots have more functionality and options than the SoloCraft bots (I can choose which blessings and auras the paladin uses, for example), but lacking the command list is really making this impossible.

Any help would be huge, whether you help me solve these problems or recommend a different repack all together (vanilla 1.12.1 with bots).



bot in classic.jpg


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