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How To Tell If Los Is Enabled?

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I wanted to use 'isLineOfSightCalcEnabled' that's in the VMAP::IVmapManager to determine

if I should check LOS before allowing pets to attack but I wasn't able to get a reference to

the IVMapManager using a unit / creature / world / map object.

I realize I could add the #include and create my own function but I thought I'd check here

before doing that for a single function that already exists somewhere else.

My feeling is it's counterintuitive to be checking isInLOS() if LOS isn't enabled but I didn't

see any other method for determining that.

What I was looking to do is add a line in the LOS checks that simply returns true if LOS

isn't enabled, otherwise it performs it's normal duties. After all, if the user doesn't want to

use LOS it doesn't make sense to be checking LOS all over the place and failing things for it.


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