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[7754-7755][FIX] 3 interesting fixes for Children's Week quest


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* What bug does the patch fix? What features does the patch add?

On Children's Week, can't get quest from the summoned Human Orphan who is a MINI_PET.

* For which repository revision was the patch created?


UDB 371

* Is there a thread in the bug report section or at lighthouse? If yes, please add a link to the thread.


* Who has been writing this patch? Please include either forum user names or email addresses.


1. set UNIT_NPC_FLAGS for summoned MINI_PET, so he can be a quest giver

diff --git a/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp b/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
index 30d2c62..74b7a59 100644
--- a/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
+++ b/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
@@ -5970,9 +5970,8 @@ void Spell::EffectSummonCritter(uint32 i)

    critter->InitPetCreateSpells();                         // e.g. disgusting oo
-    critter->SetMaxHealth(1);
-    critter->SetHealth(1);
-    critter->SetLevel(1);
+    critter->SelectLevel(critter->GetCreatureInfo());
+    critter->SetUInt32Value(UNIT_NPC_FLAGS, critter->GetCreatureInfo()->npcflag);

    // set timer for unsummon
    int32 duration = GetSpellDuration(m_spellInfo);

2. allow player interact with MINI_PET

diff --git a/src/game/Player.cpp b/src/game/Player.cpp
index fa8d925..5a1e49a 100644
--- a/src/game/Player.cpp
+++ b/src/game/Player.cpp
@@ -1978,8 +1978,8 @@ Player::GetNPCIfCanInteractWith(uint64 guid, uint32 npcflagmask)
    if(!unit->isAlive() && (!unit->isSpiritService() || isAlive() ))
        return NULL;

-    // not allow interaction under control
-    if(unit->GetCharmerOrOwnerGUID())
+    // allow interaction if under player's control, else not
+    if (unit->GetCharmerOrOwnerGUID() && unit->GetCharmerOrOwnerGUID() != GetGUID())
        return NULL;

    // not enemy

3. I don't know why Map::GetCreature can't find summoned MINI_PET(on Linux), so 2nd try

diff --git a/src/game/Map.cpp b/src/game/Map.cpp
index 27b9a21..83b50c9 100644
--- a/src/game/Map.cpp
+++ b/src/game/Map.cpp
@@ -2536,6 +2536,10 @@ Creature*
Map::GetCreature(uint64 guid)
    Creature * ret = ObjectAccessor::GetObjectInWorld(guid, (Creature*)NULL);
+    if (!ret)
+        ret = (Creature *)ObjectAccessor::GetObjectInWorld(guid, (Unit*)NULL);
        return NULL;

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You need to use GetPet or GetCreatureOrPetOrVehicle

if (unit->GetCharmerOrOwnerGUID() && unit->GetCharmerOrOwnerGUID() != GetGUID())

This is not so good. Because some players charm NPC of the other faction and buy mounts from them.

I use this:


return NULL;

I do not know why we do not allow interact with npc with owner. If that repair bot does not work

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NPC flags part added in [7754]. Thank you.

But GetCreature other 2 parts of patch is wrong as described by megamage.

I plan add its in version suhhested by megamage. Ofc, instead GetCreature modify need adding GetCreatureOrPetOrVehicle

in all affected gossip function/handlers

[added]Second patch added in [7755]. Thanks to daveh and megamage.

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