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[Fix][7786] PvP/PvE realms and pvp flag

Guest Elron

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Hey. :) I think there is something wrong concerning the automatically being flagged for pvp.


MaNGOS: 7739

ScriptDev2: 1035

Udb: 371

Acid: 28


How it does work:

You are being flagged for pvp in the two nearest zones near the capital city.

Example :

Capital : Stormwind

Zones : Elwynn Forest, Westfall

If you enter one of these zones as a horde character you are flagged for pvp. The important thing to mention here is, that this does also happen on a PvE realm.

How it should work:

According to W0Wwiki you should NOT be flagged in these zones on a PvE realm. This should only happen on PvP realms.

On PvE realms you should only be auto flagged for PvP if you enter a capital city of the hostile faction.


Author: Me.

What does the fix change?

The fix modifies the selection of zones for the automatically flagging. It differentiates between PvP and PvE specific zones of autoflagging.

Here's the fix and I hope it will work :) :


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