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Help with the patches

Guest Shin Darth

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I'm sorry for the noob question, but I don't know how I apply the patches for mangos wich are not implemented with the master branch.

I tried with the command:

git am $(ls /patches/xxx.patch | grep -v gz)

but the console give me this error:

Patch does not have a valid e-mail address.

how I have to do to apply the patches?

sorry for my english

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there are 2 types of patches, the first one you apply with 'git am' and the 2nd with 'git apply'.

the first one has a full commit info in his header (commiter, commiter-email, commit-comment, etc.) and the 2nd only has the diff file.

so for your patch it seems like you'll need 'git apply' instead of 'git am' ;)

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that has nothing to do with .patch/.diff, you have to look into the file and look at the first few lines. if there's somthing like 'author:' and all that stuff, then you'll have to use 'git am' else 'git apply'.

and yes, syntax is:

git apply /path/to/my.patch
git am /path/to/my.patch

and i've no idea about the git gui, i've never used it ;)

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for a normal patchfile (recomended):

git diff key1 key2 > /path/to/my.diff

where key1 and key2 defines the sha1 key from the two commits.

git diff > /path/to/my.diff

generates a diff file between the local version and the HEAD version from the actual branch

for the other version (with header):

- commit your changes:

git commit -a -v

- get the commit info into the file

git show key > /path/to/my.patch

where key is the sha1 key from your commit.

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