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[Help] Player/GM Interaction Chanel

Guest Morphau

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Hello all,

I have a question for make a modification in the source of the core ...

In fact, we can change in the mangos.conf the Player Interaction Chanel ...

But i have a question ^^

How make for the interaction chanel dont disturbe GM, clearly, I want seperate the Horde and Alliance of chanel but i want GM can see the chanel Alliance and the Chanel Horde as the chanel doesn't seperate ...

Thanks if anybody have an idea for make this and sorry for my english but i am french ...


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Hello, thanks for your answer but you dont have understand what i want ><

I have a chanel cold "world" and i want that Alliance(player) and Horde(player) not see that say other faction but i want GM can see that say Ally(player) and Horde(player) in this chanel in same time ...

In fact, if the Ally(player) say anything, there are only gm Ally see that Ally(player) says ...

Same for Gm Horde who see only that Horde(player) says ...

I try to explain the most i can, sorry for my bad english but i am french and thanks for try to help me :) ...

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I'll try and transliterate a bit.

I believe he is trying to say:

He wants a world chat where Ally and Horde can talk on the same channel, but Ally can only see Ally and Horde can only see Horde and GM see all.

I believe he is saying that as it stands his GMs are only seeing their own faction.

(I may be completely wrong)

As I see it now, this is not the way any "world" channels work. GMs can see all communication now. They are not locked into their own faction.

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Yes you have understand what i want ^^

Sorry for my english but i am french ><

The good way maybe its make a chanel, a simply chanel tha any horde can talk and see hown faction and an other chanel or alliance can see and talk own faction and make a 3rd interfaction chanel ...

Or other way ...

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