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[patch] [5975] System Config Directory Defaults For Linux

Guest redcore

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This patch fixes small typo in build environment on linux. This makes possible to pass --sysconfdir=DIR option to configure script to set system config directory.

Index: src/shared/SystemConfig.h.in
--- src/shared/SystemConfig.h.in                (revision 5961)
+++ src/shared/SystemConfig.h.in                (working copy)
@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@
# define _REALMD_CONFIG     "realmd.conf"
# define _FULLVERSION "/" _VERSION " (Unix)"
-# define _MANGOSD_CONFIG    "@prefix@/etc/mangosd.conf"
-# define _REALMD_CONFIG    "@prefix@/etc/realmd.conf"
+# define _MANGOSD_CONFIG    "@sysconfdir@/mangosd.conf"
+# define _REALMD_CONFIG    "@sysconfdir@/realmd.conf"


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