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Hi all,

I'm currently trying to finish a project of someone whos tarted this long ago when ScriptDev2 was still a separate part of mangos.

It's meant for servers with just a few people to create the possibility to play PVP in BG and maybe even outside BG. I started reviewing the code and ended up finding an include '#include "precompiled.h" ' which was probably originally from ScriptDev2.

Should i move this project to another location? Or just change the include?

Don't even know where to put it in the first place. When it compiles i would be able to finish this project And it could start to generate random PVP players in and out BG.

I believe it was originally placed in scripts/custom/

I got 5 cpp files pvpwarrior.cpp, pvpmage.cpp, etc...

all with this:

#include "precompiled.h"

#include "..\\..\\..\\game\\player.h"

Running mangos 0.14.0 REV 7994

Anyone has an idea of where to put the files and what the precompiled.h has turned into?

Kind regards & thanks in advance,


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When looking hard enough, i found


I talked to the original creator and he allows me to try and finish the project, he even will support me when i don't know what to do.

Kind regards,



I know where i can find the player.h, but the precompiled.h just doesn't exist anymore, i was thinking it changed of name and location. And I should move the project into another folder so it could find the includes itself. The folder where custom scripts should be is unknown to me.

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so for my understanding, I just added the ScriptDev2 solution to the Mangos solution, now it doesn't wanne compile. It says it cand find a file i clearly do have.

2>C:\\Wow mangos core files\\MANGOS CORE GIT\\win>"..\\..\\..\\win\\VC90\\genrevision__Win32_Release\\genrevision.exe"

2>Het systeem kan het opgegeven pad niet vinden. (Says in dutch can't find the given path)

I've browsed my folders and yet it is there.

Any help is welcome ^_^


EDIT: Might have found a way to install it, I'll post back here with results

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ScriptDev2 is compiled separately. From it's own solution. As is described in detail on the page I linked in my last post. Please read it and follow it, and then post again

Yeah I thought it might sound stupid when I actually found it :lol:

I'll post right back at ya


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