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[Fix attempt] Find Weakness [0.12]

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this post ( http://getmangos.eu/community/showthread.php?p=75655#post75655 ) didn't get so much success, so i post here my attempt to fix this spell.

in the database i found:

Table spell proc event:

-row id: 31242

progflag of rank 5: 131072.

the bug of this spell is that it proc only if the player cast eviscerate or rupture, but it don't ptoc on other finishing moves like kidney shot.

so, is the spell is working, the solution is only to add there other spell....

but how to do it?

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mmm no one interested :rolleyes:

if i do a thing like this:

case kidney_shot_id: { palyer->proc_talent;} break;
case rupture_id: { player->proc_talent;} break;

will this work? and where should i put it?

(variables name aren't correct because i don't know what are used)

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I feel for you, pelle. I think it's a case of too few people doing too many things and it keeps them very busy. Sometimes you just have to rely on your own ingenuity and faith in your own skills to forge ahead and not give up.

Dig deeper into the code and find the variables and other parts you need to make this complete!

One of my nephews likes assassination rogues. I'm sure he'd love this fix. ^_^

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