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[Fix][8085] Use Rate For Talents From Quests

Guest duckman

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What bug does the patch fix? What features does the patch add?

When guests are used to define how many talent points a character gets, the rate should be considered.

For which repository revision was the patch created?

8075Is there a thread in the bug report section or at lighthouse? If yes, please add a link to the thread.


Who has been writing this patch? Please include either forum user names or email addresses.


I didn't make a patch file because its a single line.

line 19460:
    uint32 talentPointsForLevel =
        (getLevel() < 56 ? 0 : uint32((getLevel()-55)*sWorld.getRate(RATE_TALENT)))
-         + m_questRewardTalentCount;
+        + m_questRewardTalentCount*sWorld.getRate(RATE_TALENT);

Pretty self explanatory. The talent points to be calculated after level 55 gets multiplied the way its supposed to but then the talent points from the quests is left alone. This fixes that. Haven't done a huge amount of testing but I don't see why this would mess anything up.

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Sorry to say but I have encountered a problem. The reason I made this change in the first place is because I forced my DK through the DK starting area and discovered that he was short some talent points. I looked through the code and this seemed like the perfect fix. But now when he logs in his talents get reset. Looking through the code, I can't figure out why? It uses the same function I changed to figure out if he has used more talent points then he has supposed to. I will admit the change was made after he did the quests but I don't think that should have made a difference. I may have to try to make another one.

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I think what you're facing is the bug with the Talent Preview option. Since the update to 3.1, you must use that option in order to get your talents saved.

It this related to preview then this not DK specific rate bug.

I also remember report about this porblem and for other characters.

Patch added in [8085]. Thank you :)

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