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[HELP] Sanctuary Zone

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  • 39 years later...

Hi, I'm trying to make a Sanctuary zone, I've read a few posts so that is what I did:

   if([color=Red]([/color]zone->IsSanctuary()[color=Red]) || GetAreaId() == 3317[/color])       // in sanctuary
       pvpInfo.inNoPvPArea = true;

(red parts added)

Everything works fine, but the problem is, that I can turn my PvP on... Any ideas?

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void Player::Update( uint32 p_time )

   if(GetZoneId() == 3317)
   UpdatePvP(false, true);

   // undelivered mail

Still nothing... BTW I cant write "player->" cause it wasn't declared

UpdatePvP(false, true); - UpdatePvP(bool state, bool ovrride) = ovrride means you dont have to wait 15min in friendly territory so it continues to SetPvP(false);

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