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Feign Death + Trap: Bug or Not?

Guest Mivke

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Hello everyone!

At my Server there is very much confusion as to whether FeignDeath + Trap is a bug or just a "smart move".

Ive tried searching the official forums, wowhead, thottbot, wowwiki and here for some kind of answer, but noone seems to know.

So now Im asking:

Is FeignDeath+Trap a bug exploit (to get rid of the 2 sec arming time since you leave combat when you Feign) or just a valid strategy/tactic?

If you have some other place where you think I can find the answer, please let me know. Also, if there exists one thread like this here on MaNGOS, please let me know and then remove this one.

Thank you all in advance,


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Feign Death works as intended in PVP, it exits combat. I use it all the time to re-direct enemies to my pet so I can jump up and continue to shoot at my targets. I don't know about the trap thing though, not sure exactly what your referring to there.

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This discussion is about using feign death and freezing trap by macro.

So if you can test on retail do the following:

- Enter a duel

- Hit the opponent ( you should get in combat with him)

- Cast Feign Death and right after place a Freezing trap (make a macro for the best effect )

Tell us wether the trap froze the target instantly or if it took the normal 2sec trap charging time.

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