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Some Questions About Vmaps

Guest SWGuard

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I was looking at my vmaps folder and was curious about a couple things:

1) Do we need the .vmdir files?

These appear to hold nothing but a reference to the actual vmap. I haven't looked in the core but are these

actually used or does the vmap load directly based on it's filename?

2) If we do need the .vmdir, what happens with vmaps that don't have one?

I noticed a .vmap for BT which doesn't have a corresponding .vmdir file:


Will this vmap not load without the .vmdir? If it does then why would the other vmaps need .vmdir files?

If it does need a .vmdir then why didn't the vmap_extract / assembler create one?

Note: the "xxx" above is the name of the instance. I removed the name to avoid copyright issues :)

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