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[patch][8262] /played

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As some of you may know /played stopped working after 3.x.x client switch.

This little patch will make the command running again.

void WorldSession::HandlePlayedTime(WorldPacket& /*recv_data*/)
   uint32 TotalTimePlayed = GetPlayer()->GetTotalPlayedTime();
   uint32 LevelPlayedTime = GetPlayer()->GetLevelPlayedTime();

   WorldPacket data(SMSG_PLAYED_TIME, 9);
   data << TotalTimePlayed;
   data << LevelPlayedTime;
-    data << uint8(0);
+    data << uint8(1);

On the other hand, i think i missed something.

Patch writen by Tom_RUS with some modifications for 3.2.0 branch.

I think should be applied to 3.1.3 as well. ^_^

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Well, we got the same strange behaviour. /played message occurs even if you don't use the /played command. It doesn't occur *everytime*, but in unconsistant time periods, let's say if server starts at about every 10-20 seconds, after a few minutes it only occurs after ~ 5 minutes, counting up every time it's posted (like an increasing timer).

strange thing ;)

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