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[8272] Spelling Error in Map.h

Guest Sorya

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Unfortunately, I don't know how to create a patch file.

On line 74, Map.h:

- #define MAP_HEIGTH_MAGIC      'TGHM'
+ #define MAP_HEIGHT_MAGIC      'TGHM'

On line 95, Map.h

- #define MAP_HEIGHT_NO_HIGHT   0x0001
+ #define MAP_HEIGHT_NO_HEIGHT   0x0001

On line 107, Map.h

- #define MAP_LIQUID_NO_HIGHT   0x0002
+ #define MAP_LIQUID_NO_HEIGHT   0x0002

On line 1193, Map.cpp

- if (header.fourcc != uint32(MAP_HEIGTH_MAGIC))
+ if (header.fourcc != uint32(MAP_HEIGHT_MAGIC))

On line 1197, Map.cpp

- if (!(header.flags & MAP_HEIGHT_NO_HIGHT))
+ if (!(header.flags & MAP_HEIGHT_NO_HEIGHT))

On line 1251, Map.cpp

- if (!(header.flags&MAP_LIQUID_NO_HIGHT))
+ if (!(header.flags&MAP_LIQUID_NO_HEIGHT))

On line 447, VMapManager.cpp

- //get height or INVALID_HEIGHT if to hight was calculated
+ //get height or INVALID_HEIGHT if no height was calculated

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