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Mangos Pvp Suggestion?

Guest mvx

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im not totally sure on what's allowed and what's not, but i think i have a general idea about it, in any case if i do do something which is considered illegal or not intended please tell me ;)

i was wondering ( i had no idea what to search about this) if there was a project where people worked out PvP specific stuff, and only PvP stuff. i had an idea and i wanted to see if any1 had the same idea;

a special PVP server/modification to mangos/databases which only included 1 small piece of land, not entire world(s).

this land would be created by ourselves or using current land, not with the modification of current MPQs lands.

this would not include any quests or such, just a small, empty city which people could fill in on their own with vendors/npc's

for weapons, and a small land outside of the city, full FFA pvp or team pvp.

another idea would be just a city, with NPCs that open BGs or arenas when enough people are queued in. and also

NPCs which transport characters to another BG-like enclosed land which is constant with no objective, just full out

FFA /team fun.

if there are any ideas similar to mine or ongoing projects, it wud b awesome if u cud inform me, or if there isnt,

and you are interested, maybe we could start a small project doing this, since summer is here and school's almost

over :)

thanks for reading

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