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Missing Function For Honor Spells

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  • 38 years later...

From SpellEffects.cpp:

void Spell::EffectAddHonor(uint32 /*i*/)
       if(unitTarget->GetTypeId() != TYPEID_PLAYER)

       sLog.outDebug("SpellEffect::AddHonor called for spell_id %u , that rewards %d honor points to player: %u", m_spellInfo->Id, this->damage, ((Player*)unitTarget)->GetGUIDLow());

       // TODO: find formula for honor reward based on player's level!

       // now fixed only for level 70 players:
       if (((Player*)unitTarget)->getLevel() == 70)
               ((Player*)unitTarget)->RewardHonor(NULL, 1, this->damage);

As you can see, it only works if it is used on a player and the player's level is 70.

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