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[Help] HandleAuraDummy apply states

Guest tra1nee

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couple of questions to experienced mangos developers:

1) where is HandleAuraDummy function actually called from

2) where apply is being set to true or false

and some of other questions

3) is there some function that updates spell casting state, for example, when hit is received during casting and spell casting pushback is made ( like frostbolt)

4) is there some function that handles case when player`s pet dies, like removing pet`s castbar from player`s castbar.

thanks in advance

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Here are some answers, hope they will help


HandleAuraDummy is called from Aura::ApplyModifier

with (*this.*AuraHandler [aura])(apply, Real);


Apply is set in many places actually so cant really specify it (just look for ApplyModifier and there You have true/false being set, which is sent to HandleAuraDummy

3) Spell:: Delayed() handles spell pushback

I cant find removing pet's castbar on death now, also i hope rest is accurate.

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