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Thoughts / Opinions On Attack Flag Chagne

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I noticed today that the flag UNIT_STAT_ATTACKING has been changed to UNIT_STAT_MELEE_ATTACKING

and the function Unit::Attack() has been changed from:

Unit::Attack(*victim, bool playerMeleeAttack)


Unit::Attack(Unit *victim, bool meleeAttack)

The problem with this is pets that are caster pets should not get a UNIT_STAT_MELEE_ATTACKING flag

but the Attack() function no longer sets UNIT_STAT_ATTACKING for casters which the old one did.

The new PetAI calls Attack() with a "true" value for bool meleeAttack but again, this is incorrect for

caster pets (I'll be changing this with the PetAI updates).

I think Unit::Attack() would be better handled by using an enum for the function parameter to indicate melee attacks

or ranged attacks and then set either a melee attack flag or ranged attack flag...

Something like this:

enum AttackTypes
   ATT_MELEE = 0,

Unit::Attack( Unit* victim, AttackTypes attackType)
    // normal code here

    if (attackType == ATT_MELEE )

    if( attackType == ATT_RANGED )

    // normal code here

The fix for pets reaching far targets may not work without this since caster pets shouldn't have a MELEE_ATTACKING

flag. I haven't tested it yet, just brainstorming.


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