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[Crash] VisitorHelper<MaNGOS::ObjectUpdater, Creature>

Guest Woweur

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Hi, i have a crash every ~15 hours, but i dont understand how this crash can happen, because it's an illogic error. MaNGOS crash when line "iter->getSource()->Update(i_timeDiff);" is call, but pointer for iter->GetSource() is valid ( i have add one line for check is pointer is ok : "if(iter->getSource() && iter->getSource()->IsInWorld())" before my error). I can see only one solution to my crash : the pointer of creature is delete, but it's impossible because i have'nt mtmaps or other multi-thread ...

It's possible to check if pointer is delete or not ? You can see another problem in this code ?

Thanks you for your helps.

Link for a crashlog : http://paste2.org/p/443870

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