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Creaturefamily Structure Changes

Guest SWGuard

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Curious why the structure for CreatureFamily considers field 1 the "minScale"

Using a DBC table viewer, it shows that as a foreign key to PetPersonality.dbc and clicking on

the "1" in that field, brings you to a table that shows happiness values and the damage bonus /

penalties for each happiness rating.

I understand this is now used primarily for Hunter and Warlock pets to get the correct size per

level but after reviewing it, I don't believe it is the correct approach.

Assuming you use the DBC data for size info, the min/max is the same for Warlock pets which

indicates they should never change (and on official they don't) but the current new code will make

them grow.

Sorry I don't have any suggested solution as of yet but I thought I'd open it for discussion.

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