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Thanks to all the Devs for this exelent piece of software.

With the Client project started, wouldent it be a good ide to start a project to make a world builder?

If I'm not mistaken, the "blizz world" is on the server aswell as the client, so manipulating the the server .map ++ woulden't do any good. And since we can't and will not manipulate the blizz client, we still have that blizz lawyer threath hanging over our head for using their copyrighted material.

So if we make our own world with our stuff inn it, and find a common file structure with the client, DB and server project's, the artists can also contribute here :)

I've manipulated the world with blizz client in admin/GM mode. That was a challange since we cant physicaly touch/pick up the item/object. Elevation and orientation was never perfect :)

Just the simple task of making a waypoint sequence for a monster/NPC, gave me grey hears due to the limmitations in the command interface.

For a programmer this task might be a walk in the park. WP add, WP show last/first, WP add, WP show last ++++++++ :)

But with a custom world builder ths wount be a problem.

I dont think bulding a new world will by any meens be an easy task, but its the next logical path to take in making a fully operational mmorgp. And we learn even more how to make the best mmorpg around :)

Here is my first thoughts on what the builder might do:

* Build the world (elevations, lights, horizon, mmaps, materials and maps )

* Place NPC and monsters

* Make Waypoints or simelar tecknology

* Houses, fences, GY, bridges +++

* Fauna, trees, flowers, bouches

* Quests

* Make opdates availeble for download (ftp/http or torrent)(blizz like)

* Inport and convert different 3D formats to our native format

* +++++++++

U get my point

I'm not any programmer, so someone else would have to start this project. A cooperation with the client project would be a good ide.

Zellpop out

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It's an interesting idea, definately. There are some obstacles with your proposal (for example, as far as I know are waypoints and quests stored in the database, not in the maps, so these you would not be able to adjust with just maps either) and you'd definately need to work closely together with the client team, but that's a solveable issue. It would be even better if those maps could be served directly by the server, so people could adjust their own server and have users directly get the maps they needed, when they need them. Would definately increase the variation of servers out there.

I am somewhat sceptical about its actual attainability though; adding a few items to an existing client is only so much trouble, but if you really intend to use it to move away from Blizzard content you'd need more than just maps - you'd need items, NPC's, skills, spells, towns, etc etc. While not impossible, that does constitute a huge amount of work if you want to do it right and make it attractive enough for people to play. There are a LOT of MMORPG's out there, the main reason people accept a Mangos server is because their gaming experience so much resembles something popular. Take that away and I fear that interest goes with it - leaving you with a lot of work done and hardly any result from it.

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