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[HELP] Implementing teleporters

Guest Drako

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atm I try to make the teleporter platforms in ulduar and naxxramas (and maybe also others taht I just don't know yet xD) usable.

the problem is a usual one... I don't know how :P

ok, I thought of looking for the code of acherus... because there is a teleporter and it works...

the problem is, in what file do I have to look.

I already thought it could be a SD2 thing.

but after looking into the SD2 files I just found nothing.

On the other side... SD2 is only for NPCs and MoBs, right?

so now my question is:

where can I find the code for the acherus teleporter and how can I fix other teleporters?

I also had this idea:

maybe the teleporters work, but they get their coodinates from the DB and the entry are simply missing.

would be nice, if you could help me again ;-)



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