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scripting question about world game objects

Guest chatico

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I'm writing a custom script that has a button, in the function for the button I'm spawning some mobs that are also scripted. I need to be able to access the game object of the button from with in the spawned creatures script. All the ways I have tried end up crashing the server. Seeing the game object is not in a instance I'm not sure how this can be done.

I'm assuming because this has sat here for 8 hours with out a reply that you can not do this. This is a basic necessary functionality of the scripting system that needs to be added. I would add it but not having this is just lazy on your guys part. To not be able to script complex scripts with out being in an instance is retarded.

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Why not use mangos iterators for it ?

for example

                                CellPair p(MaNGOS::ComputeCellPair(m_creature->GetPositionX(), m_creature->GetPositionY()));
                               Cell cell(p);
                               cell.data.Part.reserved = ALL_DISTRICT;

                               MaNGOS::NearestGameObjectEntryInObjectRangeCheck go_check(*m_creature,objectentry,range);
                               MaNGOS::GameObjectLastSearcher<MaNGOS::NearestGameObjectEntryInObjectRangeCheck> checker(m_creature, p_GameObject,go_check);

                               TypeContainerVisitor<MaNGOS::GameObjectLastSearcher<MaNGOS::NearestGameObjectEntryInObjectRangeCheck>, GridTypeMapContainer > object_checker(checker);
                               CellLock<GridReadGuard> cell_lock(cell, p);
                               cell_lock->Visit(cell_lock, object_checker, *m_creature->GetMap(), *m_creature, range);

                               if (p_GameObject)
                                   // Here You have access to Your gameobject

I didn't test and compile it but should work if You ofc change objectentry, range and pointer (i used m_creature cause You said its creature script)

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