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Newbie part 2: General spells

Guest Doixdd

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Hi guys :), i'm trying to learn how to fix spells and stuff in mangos(for my own c++ skill increasing).

I am having problems with some spells that deal low dmg, for example: Blood Strike does almost 50% less dmg it should, i browsed trough spelleffects.cpp spell.pp and other files, i found the part where the spell is tackled, and i did this:

1. modified the formula, increasing the bonus

2. deleting the whole thread inserting my own code

3. deleted part of the DK spells in those files >.< and made my own Death Knight Blood Strike

None of them worked, no dmg increase/decrease nothing there.. oh i also tried adding "juice" in the spell_bonus_data again.. no use :). Maybe any of you have an idea where/what/how to modify :)

~Thank you very much, Eddie(DoiX)^_^

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