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Making player join channel without invite ?

Guest xeross155

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Hey Folks,

I'm in the process of modifying mangchat (Will release a patch once done), 1 thing I dislike is everyone gets a prompt if they want tot join channel X if you enable the autojoin. I was wondering it it's possible to make people automatically join a channel without a prompt or anything.

Current code for making em join is.

void IRCClient::AutoJoinChannel(Player *plr)
   //this will work if at least 1 player is logged in regrdless if he is on the channel or not
   // the first person that login empty server is the one with bad luck and wont be invited, 
   // if at least 1 player is online the player will be inited to the chanel

   std::string m_name = sIRC.ajchan;
   WorldPacket data;
   data.Initialize(SMSG_CHANNEL_NOTIFY, 1+m_name.size()+1);
   data << uint8(CHAT_INVITE_NOTICE);
   data << m_name.c_str();

   HashMapHolder<Player>::MapType& m = ObjectAccessor::Instance().GetPlayers();
   for(HashMapHolder<Player>::MapType::iterator itr = m.begin(); itr != m.end(); ++itr)
       if (itr->second && itr->second->GetSession()->GetPlayer() && itr->second->GetSession()->GetPlayer()->IsInWorld())
           data << uint64(itr->second->GetGUID());

Thanks for your time, Xeross

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