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[senseless] project??

Guest aptiva

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:mad: im sorry but yes i had to post a possible project for this, im tired of the dam competition

between who has the best effn game platform,

i would like to see a multi-logon-server...

one that will possibly support arc-hs/AND mangos,

don't git mad at me for posting a project idea, because many devs jump between

platforms(emus) now come on how many isn't already cross breeding the dang emus as it is ..

personally im tired of the bs of having to open a separate box for a different emu.

i have an ARC fun realm (who cares bout blizzlike there right)an HS realm for mid rate(mildly blizz), and my choice for blizzlike is mangos but im not running three boxes with three separate realmlists...

there HAS to a compromise to this

hell even a script that will allow arc to see mangos on the same effn realmlist as to "share" a box...

arc and HS can already share logons(acsent-based) ive been muling over the comparisions in the

code to see if mayb there's a way of a merger and

idk...at least a shared realmlist script would be awesome...

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