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Just found HIGHGUID_PLAYER is 0x0A00 in an offi server.

It happens in all server? Does the HIGHGUID_PLAYER value changed?

enum HighGuid
   HIGHGUID_ITEM           = 0x4000,                       // blizz 4000
   HIGHGUID_CONTAINER      = 0x4000,                       // blizz 4000
[b]    HIGHGUID_PLAYER         = 0x0000,                       // blizz 0000[/b]
   HIGHGUID_GAMEOBJECT     = 0xF110,                       // blizz F110
   HIGHGUID_TRANSPORT      = 0xF120,                       // blizz F120 (for GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_TRANSPORT)
   HIGHGUID_UNIT           = 0xF130,                       // blizz F130
   HIGHGUID_PET            = 0xF140,                       // blizz F140
   HIGHGUID_VEHICLE        = 0xF150,                       // blizz F550
   HIGHGUID_DYNAMICOBJECT  = 0xF100,                       // blizz F100
   HIGHGUID_CORPSE         = 0xF101,                       // blizz F100
   HIGHGUID_MO_TRANSPORT   = 0x1FC0,                       // blizz 1FC0 (for GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_MO_TRANSPORT)

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