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Charm effects on players


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Charming effects aren't working on players, it only modifies their faction

So i suggest that we add a new function in Unit

something like this:

void Unit::SetPlayerCharmed(bool apply, uint64 casterGUID, uint32 spellID)
   ((Player*)this)->SetClientControl(this, !apply);
       if(Unit* caster = ObjectAccessor::GetObjectInWorld(casterGUID, (Unit*)NULL))

and in Aura::HandleModCharm

if(m_target->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER) 
   m_target->SetPlayerCharmed(apply, GetCasterGUID(), GetId());

the thing is that i'd add for the charmed player for melee attack his target if ready but i don't know there to put this code

   //If we are within range melee the target
   if (IsWithinDistInMap(getVictim(), ATTACK_DISTANCE))

anyone can help?

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