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DK level 55?

Guest Shadow63

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Hello, I'm defecting from an ascent based core and so far I like what I'm seeing here. I'm starting from the begining with the 8741 core and UDB384. Players will have to start at level one with the exception that they will be able to create a DK. I'd like this to be blizzlike instead. How do I make it so player must have a level 55 to create one?

Sorry if this is the wrong section to post,

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you should read the .conf files before asking questions:

#    MinLevelForHeroicCharacterCreating
#        Limit creating heroic characters only for account with another character of specific level (ignored for GM accounts)
#                 0  - not require any existed charcter
#                 1  - require at least any character existed
#        Default: 55 - default requirement

set it to 55 for Bl1zzlike settings.

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