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[patch] Spell Hit

Guest thenecromancer

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There are problems that these spells can miss or be immuned, this is however not good at all.

This solves problem with certain spell failing on immune targets, like charge ( not the stun part though ) not charging immune targets.

I'm however not sure if this shouldn't work just for immunity part or for whole spell hit stage. ( Hard to tell, charge spells cannot indeed be resisted, also there are several spells in game that ignore spell miss chance, and for example will land even with mods like spell 31224 ) But idea is still the same...

revision 6183

Index: game/Unit.cpp
--- game/Unit.cpp        (revision 6183)
+++ game/Unit.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -2697,6 +2697,9 @@
        if (pVictim->GetTypeId()==TYPEID_UNIT && ((Creature*)pVictim)->IsInEvadeMode())
                return SPELL_MISS_EVADE;

+                return SPELL_MISS_NONE;
        // Check for immune (use charges)
        if (pVictim->IsImmunedToSpell(spell,true))
                return SPELL_MISS_IMMUNE;

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