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[8761] Small console starting log patch (manogs-0.12)

Guest begemot

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commit 17b36ebb8daa2bc051f66c5d86c2eb30c5db0f8e

Insert progress bar step function.

diff --git a/src/game/ObjectMgr.cpp b/src/game/ObjectMgr.cpp

index 35556d8..8ce3056 100644

--- a/src/game/ObjectMgr.cpp

+++ b/src/game/ObjectMgr.cpp

@@ -1909,6 +1909,7 @@ void ObjectMgr::LoadPetLevelInfo()

if (!result)


barGoLink bar( 1 );

+ bar.step();


sLog.outString( ">> Loaded %u level pet stats definitions", count );

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