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Server Crashes after 1 hour.

Guest vandam

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Ok, here is the problem i am having, i have a Fresh Copy of Ubuntu 9.04 installed, all features are installed that are nessesary for mangos to run, i have copied and compiled mangos files, but here is the problem im having.

All Databases are installed, and work so far, they have a few items that are missing but i dont think it has a problem with the issue im having.

This first happened every 10 min, after a bit of twinkering with some of my settings it happens every 1 hour, the server would just stop and restart, i checked logs that i have created but i cannot find any errors that this is happening.

What im thinking its the Mysql server but not quite sure, if anyone has a crash every so often error can someone help? is there spells i must disable, features i must take out? or is it mysql that every hour it drops connection if so how would you fix this issue?

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