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congratulations ?!

Guest carlos c

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Hello to all ....

I'm from Brazil and I am here first to congratulate the excellent design of MaNGOS.

however, I would give that a revised best in sunwell. Without mentioning concurrency, this trinity Sunwell with a very good. That is, the Bug is that they are few and easy fix.

Other bugs ...

* The last spell a paladin for talent 'holy', "balcon of light" (since the first version of mangos for TLK it does not work)

* The sequence of quests DK

* The battles in hyjal and BT and Naxx. (Ilidan Sephiron and until now not been able to fly very well when they arrive in phase 2. Like other mobs flying (they walk in the air Oo)

* The epic fight in Sunwell (Mu'ru not become, Kil'jaeden does not speak, and his 25608th npc should this DESBUG. (That is, when he goes down, "Anveena" and the "hand of the deceiver" go their positions around the sulwell full of light.)

Quest important as "The Hunter and the Prince" will not work

* The dung of Stratholme does not work properly because no interaction with Arthas, Jaina and Uther ...

So I would ask earnestly for the entire team to continue the work and give back some reviewed in earlier versions.

again congratulations on the project.

Carlos Cezar

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