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Death knight with all tp??

Guest Urla

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for anyone else also wondering:

DK tp is dependent on quests, and therefore database controlled, if you search in database forums you will find the answer, but since its not intuitive, ill just tell you

what others have done is create a custom quest that awards tp, for example i just added this to the dk intro quest:

UPDATE quest_template SET BonusTalents = 46 WHERE entry = 12593;

this awards you the 46 tps you would have had to go through the dk quest chain to get, and you can instant lvl up or whatever and skip the quest chain

hope this helps others, but remember tp's awarded to dks are quest and therefore database related, not core

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@@ -20195,16 +20195,16 @@ uint32 Player::CalculateTalentsPoints() const
    uint32 base_talent = getLevel() < 10 ? 0 : getLevel()-9;
-    if(getClass() != CLASS_DEATH_KNIGHT)
-        return uint32(base_talent * sWorld.getRate(RATE_TALENT));
+    /*if(getClass() != CLASS_DEATH_KNIGHT)*/
+    return uint32(base_talent * sWorld.getRate(RATE_TALENT));
-    uint32 talentPointsForLevel = getLevel() < 56 ? 0 : getLevel() - 55;
+    /*uint32 talentPointsForLevel = getLevel() < 56 ? 0 : getLevel() - 55;
    talentPointsForLevel += m_questRewardTalentCount;
    if(talentPointsForLevel > base_talent)
        talentPointsForLevel = base_talent; 

-    return uint32(talentPointsForLevel * sWorld.getRate(RATE_TALENT));
+    return uint32(talentPointsForLevel * sWorld.getRate(RATE_TALENT));*/
 bool Player::IsKnowHowFlyIn(uint32 mapid, uint32 zone) const

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