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[seraching] c++ Devs

Guest ffxi

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Hello every one. I would like to ask any one who is able to code c++ to thinking about joining a different type of mmorpg game.

Wow is very good and mangos has almost perfected the core. Wow has alot of updates and mangos needs to always update the code.

How ever I'm not here to talk about wow, I'm here to ask if any one would like to work on a new code for a new or old game Final Fantasy XI.

Projectxi.org is doing some good work, but could really use some help from you guys, and it would be a honor to have some of your help. We have a massaive lagg issuse and our conectioion is only letting us allow 9 players to play on one server. So I thought It would be a good idea to ask you for help.

I know wow is the top priority for mangos, But if your willing to just check out the code and maybe post some ideas at projectxi.org for help This would be very awsome.

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So there is not one person here who codes or modifys code on mangos to create or customise there server?

I thought you guys would jump one a new project that is as good as this.

please read this topic and see if you can solve this problem


SVN Address CheckOut


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