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new Singleton name overview

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  • 39 years later...

A while ago they've renamed a lot of the macro names to more generic names, because of this we need to update any modifications we've made to use these new macro names. I decided to compile a quick list (Basically copy-paste the git commit) and put it up here.

* objmgr -> sObjectMgr
* spellmgr -> sSpellMgr
* WaypointMgr -> sWaypointMgr
* poolhandler -> sPoolMgr
* objaccessor -> sObjectAccessor
* mapmgr -> sMapMgr
* sInstanceSaveManager -> sInstanceSaveMgr
* ticketmgr -> sTicketMgr
* CreatureEAI_Mgr -> sEventAIMgr
* auctionmgr -> sAuctionMgr
* achievementmgr -> sAchievementMgr
* gameeventmgr -> sGameEventMgr
* accmgr -> sAccountMgr

Hope it's of use.

Regards, Xeross

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