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Duplicate command?

Guest dtrombley

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I noticed that there are two commands that seem to be the same.

.levelup with security 3 and .character level with security 3 and same help text.

As only the command itself seems to be different, I found this to be a bit odd. I just thought I would point this out as it has been several months since the .character level command was added. I as of yet have seen no real changes that required the duplicate command or corrections if there was an error in the database for the command help.

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.character level work correctly with char by name.

.levelup work only with selected/self character

or not... hmm... anyway not see real problem..

First thanks for your reply and all the work you do on this project.

If I am understanding your reply correctly you are telling me that .levelup is for selected characters only and .character level works by character name. But I have used both for on-line and off-line characters and both work fine. I also have tested using both commands to level myself and a selected character and both worked fine.

So I still see no difference between the two commands and it seem to me that having two commands to do the same thing is unnecessary. As I am not a programmer and you are, maybe a look at the code for both commands would be helpful.

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