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Welcome To The Private Section

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If you are reading this thread, it is very likely that you just have joined one of the teams in the MaNGOS project. This post is intended to give you a quick start on what to do, and where to go first.

A few words about privacy

The Team Only Discussion section is only visible to people which actively engage in the MaNGOS project. This include developers, moderators, and wiki moderators. The intention of this section is to have a place to communicate without the usual noise in public places. Open Source and community is a pretty thing, but sometimes the community can be a bit distracting, and this is why we have this place.

There are a few things to respect, when you are using this section:

» Every topic which gets discussed here has to stay here. Never communicate about the contents of the Team Only section with any person that is no member of a MaNGOS team.

» While it is acceptable to hide who you are in the public section, we consider it as a sign of trust and respect to communicate with your real name in the private section, at least using your first name.

» Any topics covering patches or including patches not yet released to the public, have to stay private. We never hand out pre-releases to avoid confusions and bogus bug reports which we do not need.

Useful threads in the private section

» coming soon.

Work in progress.

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