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How to MaNGOS -> Mac Xcode ?

Guest FunkyBit

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Hi all around!

I switched a few weeks ago to Mac OS (I love it!).

And now I try to use Xcode for MaNGOS/SD2 development... and I failed.

There is no VC-project file, ok, understandable. So far makefile's work for me.

But editing and working with the code in an "open with stupid editor without the benefits of an IDE" realy sucks... :(

It would be absolutely satisfying if I could use Xcode just vor code develoment, auto code completition and all the other fancy things such an IDE can do, and compile/install (makefiles) on the bash (more would be greate of cause).

But I just could reach the point where I could edit the code files in Xcode, but except the syntax highlighting there is nothing more working.

I'm new to the Xcode and Mac stuff, I was used to Visual Studio, so it may be a beginner problem.

But if anybody has some ideas about how to bring the MaNGOS code efficiently to the Xcode IDE would be greate!


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The problem isn't to get MaNGOS up and running on a Mac (it was a problem but with the tutorials here it worked in the ende).

The problem is to integrate MaNGOS into Xcode.

In the meantime I found out how to include the files into an Xcode project and even link the built button to the external makefile. But syntax highlighting and auto code completion is a mess. Xcode can hardly find anything to support you when coding -.-

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