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Taxinodes Wrong Defined In Taxinode.dbc

Guest Telepavarion

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Hello everybody,

I m working on the quest for the netherwing drake and I find in SD2 script the Taxinode for the quest 10870.

As I look into the TaxiNode.dbc I find that the taxinode 161 has some strange in the line. The MapID has to be 530 but there is a ID that cannot be right. People in SD2 Forum said that I should post it into Mangos forums because only you can correct this.

I hope you can help me.

Some Information:

The Taxinode to start is: 161

The Taxinode to stop is: 162

The startpoint is the spawning point of NPC Karynaku (ID: 22112)

The endpoint is the spawning point of NPC Mordenai (ID: 22113)

Thanks a lot for correcting.

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