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Winkhoster.com - Crap servers - beaware if you deal with them

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here is more crap about them..


i am poting it here because i knw this guy is on this forum for beaware of him

Same guy, different names and different websites... he is a big bloody scammer

he is member on this forum so be aware http://getmangos.eu/community/member.php?u=41024

he is not banned here, but i am sure he will get soon with the scamming levels he been doing around trying to fool people and keeping their money

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  • 39 years later...

I am new to this forum, more of regular forum surfer an online media consultant with www.displaymediasolutions.com

I have used services from these guys, and wanted to know feedback from other if they are OK or not..

My personal experience has been pretty bad with them since i bought VPS from them 5 days ago and worked well only for the first day and after that its down. I have been trying to get my refunds processed but they are not really resonding and making stupid excuses against the same


Also this Guy Jordan Mckeag ([email protected]) who sold me the Servers is Banned from Digital point forums and i am still waiting the refunds to be processed further

Can anyone help me, winkhoster.com so far has proven to be a pure crap ... please pass on the message if you know these guys, might help getting my refunds quicker



he has got many name and they charge on paypal "[email protected]"

And the name is Stefan Gedo

I requested a charge back from paypal as well for the same "Stefan Gedo on 21-Dec-2009 (Transaction 4FJ66373TB4245649) is now open"

I am not sure if andy or stefan gado is related to this in anyway or not but since the paypal was paid to his id, he should revert to it ASAP

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Jordan is well known to me.


He was taken away from his family probably because of criminal behavior and was sent to CareAFloat children's home. You can try to get help thru them.


Altough you shouldn't expect much, they are well known to ignore any kind of requests, and they are well known to be trying to get rid of any kind of responisibility.

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he will loose on some good business for sure, i was initially impressed by him with his good tech support and told him will get him more business, but after just one day.. the server crashed and everything stopped working!!

I lost 80 usd, no worries... but he lost loads of business as well. he is not a business man... he is a duffer

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