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include files for script work

Guest filo

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OFF: I'm wondering how big Vladimir's brain is. I know that he had developed MaNGOS, but he GOD DAMMIT knows everything about this GOD DAMMIT source, which is huge ... how can you remember everything, variable names, function names? Genious ...:o

EDIT: I'm wondering how can a 'low'-end user understand MaNGOS source code when there's more than 50.000 LOC. I need paper and crayon probably.

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Yes, you're right, Vladimir is genius respect him ;-).

But back to my problem:

Thanks Vladimir, but how can I use this function? Whats files I need include in my script?

Sorry for noob question, but there is no manual for mangos source and I'm still learning mangos source.

Thanks for a lot for help ;-).

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