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Get freeze cause

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Need more information...

What exactly were you trying? I don't understand what you mean by "mangos freeze runable delete this stack when i'll try to see it with gdb".

In any case, don't expect the stack trace at some random time after a freeze to point you to the actual cause.

Unless it's a deadlock (all threads blocked) there is permanently code execution going on, and you need to step through with the debugger and find the outer-most function that causes the infinite looping.

Then you need to examine the data it uses in order to find out why it does not terminate, and after that, you probably need to find out why it gets fed this data in the first place...

Yes this can easily take a whole afternoon...i've gone through that for a reproducable freeze i found:


i think you can prevent that particular freeze by disabling "DetectPosCollision" in mangosd.conf, but a real solution is still pening...

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thanks for your answer but i've conturned this by adding a counter witch leave the while when 2500 occurs are done.

the freeze isn't in this function, and i need to search the freeze cause with GDB, any idea ? my server isn't in windows and i haven't got any freeze when i test the server on windows :;(

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